Assalamualaikum wr wb ..

I created this new blog, actually is not no mo intention to make the blog. So who ya are so mbuat culprit that I make a blog mo, ya man always called her name Zulkarnain aka Nain Jaka Baring. His alias is for ya people sleep in the morning until noon then disconnected again, wake up again next night he ... he .. (like bats).

The story, if not one before or the early days of fasting she (Nain), go back two Singaparna, Tasikmalaya, gone not use any further ado I do not know if it turns out he went in there. Why do I say a second village? If his hometown is actually in Kilkenny, Kilkenny father as her mother was in fact both are the same sister, brother still in Palembang. Because the annual've student in Cipasung, so smitten he same Tasikmalaya (do not know what Tasikmalaya same as the girls there, he ... he ..).

As I recall he once told mo open mushroom planting effort but more promising there (Tasikmalaya) to weigh in Palembang (Nain lo these words, not mine), he said the market difficult.
So I thought maybe she went there tuh mo start the project, because he had not asked for money sending few in number. I can only pray just hope he's successful.

Eventually he returned again to Kilkenny, the return did not use too small talk (probably go - go through the underground ya man he ... he ....) tau-tau've come home (like a ghost .. weehh. dong).
I'm Seeing Online continues to say he wrote, "Anything else ya how to get mo money". "What's more, the forex? who yesterday wrote did not go up and ride instead ancur added," I said.
Nyegir dah him, "No, find the money pake blog", he said. "How to make it how?" I asked. He said, "No need to bother buying a ready-made wrote blogs, find that demand a lot."
"Really how much to buy a blog?" I asked. I do not want detailed nyebutin price when he bought the blog, which clearly there are millions of his. Keep me just laught.

Day after day passed, morning noon switch, switch noon afternoon accompanied by a little hunger and thirst month of fasting (weehh. .. like poetry), every time she came till Eid speaking mere blog blog blog again and again he ... he .. . I think a true blogger emang mo so ya man he ... he ..
Because blogs are often heard, by chance I'm online a fad I go to Google then I write the boxed search: How to Create a Blog. Found easy way to make a blog on, I follow the way he eventually became this blog.

Because the only fun I'm confused what ya mo filled blog, so ... what's on the computer I wrote that on now. Yes ... the stories trus Islamic multimedia program that could be considered old school.
If there are mo Allhamdulillah ngunjungin this blog, if not mo ya okay. What is clear for Sodara and sodari, fathers, mothers and sisters-just not all that intentionally or accidentally dropped on this blog, please be understandable if not interesting and thank you as much as possible.

Wassalamualaikum wr ... wb


Senin, 14 Maret 2011

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