Assalamualaikum wr wb ..

I created this new blog, actually is not no mo intention to make the blog. So who ya are so mbuat culprit that I make a blog mo, ya man always called her name Zulkarnain aka Nain Jaka Baring. His alias is for ya people sleep in the morning until noon then disconnected again, wake up again next night he ... he .. (like bats).

The story, if not one before or the early days of fasting she (Nain), go back two Singaparna, Tasikmalaya, gone not use any further ado I do not know if it turns out he went in there. Why do I say a second village? If his hometown is actually in Kilkenny, Kilkenny father as her mother was in fact both are the same sister, brother still in Palembang. Because the annual've student in Cipasung, so smitten he same Tasikmalaya (do not know what Tasikmalaya same as the girls there, he ... he ..).

As I recall he once told mo open mushroom planting effort but more promising there (Tasikmalaya) to weigh in Palembang (Nain lo these words, not mine), he said the market difficult.
So I thought maybe she went there tuh mo start the project, because he had not asked for money sending few in number. I can only pray just hope he's successful.

Eventually he returned again to Kilkenny, the return did not use too small talk (probably go - go through the underground ya man he ... he ....) tau-tau've come home (like a ghost .. weehh. dong).
I'm Seeing Online continues to say he wrote, "Anything else ya how to get mo money". "What's more, the forex? who yesterday wrote did not go up and ride instead ancur added," I said.
Nyegir dah him, "No, find the money pake blog", he said. "How to make it how?" I asked. He said, "No need to bother buying a ready-made wrote blogs, find that demand a lot."
"Really how much to buy a blog?" I asked. I do not want detailed nyebutin price when he bought the blog, which clearly there are millions of his. Keep me just laught.

Day after day passed, morning noon switch, switch noon afternoon accompanied by a little hunger and thirst month of fasting (weehh. .. like poetry), every time she came till Eid speaking mere blog blog blog again and again he ... he .. . I think a true blogger emang mo so ya man he ... he ..
Because blogs are often heard, by chance I'm online a fad I go to Google then I write the boxed search: How to Create a Blog. Found easy way to make a blog on, I follow the way he eventually became this blog.

Because the only fun I'm confused what ya mo filled blog, so ... what's on the computer I wrote that on now. Yes ... the stories trus Islamic multimedia program that could be considered old school.
If there are mo Allhamdulillah ngunjungin this blog, if not mo ya okay. What is clear for Sodara and sodari, fathers, mothers and sisters-just not all that intentionally or accidentally dropped on this blog, please be understandable if not interesting and thank you as much as possible.

Wassalamualaikum wr ... wb


Senin, 21 Maret 2011

On behalf of Love ... my forest ?

akarta (ANTARA News) - In the name of love, among environmentalists ask dimoratorium forest areas from logging and conversion because they did not want to land a critical and increasingly widespread forest destruction.
But the name of love also, the government should be able to get around the need of land to meet food sufficiency of its people. Moreover, the number of poor people and are below the poverty line living area is still millions of lives.
And the name of development as well, said Minister of Forestry (Forestry), Zulkifli Hasan, Ministry of Forestry still propose a moratorium on the policy for conversion is only performed on primary natural forests and peat lands because the government still needs land for road construction and infrastrktur and agricultural land.
Hence, according to him, the policy of a moratorium on conversions as a consequence of the signing of the Letter of Intent (LoI), Indonesia and Norway to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation is only done on a limited area and period of just two years.
Moreover, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Bogor cabinet meeting on February 11 to 12 asked for the acceleration and expansion of economic development to improve people's welfare.
Acceleration and expansion of development to reduce poverty and food problems anticipated turbulence through a strategy of providing more employment and food sufficiency. All ministries mandated to realize food security, including the Ministry of Forestry.
Moreover, the ministries of this year to commemorate the service forester-28 intersect directly with more than 10 million poor people living in and forest edge.
Therefore, said the minister, since he was appointed Minister of Forestry, there's nothing to do except prepare the instruments and pro-people policy. Even in the matter of food supply, he said, forestry has prepared a variety of policies long before he went into this ministry.
Government's desire to create self-sufficiency in food since the last two years realized with plans to build a farming area of ​​food and energy are integrated in Merauke, Papua (Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate / MIFEE) to cover Indonesia's dependence on imported rice and sugar. Tug the use of forest land to agricultural land is until now still happening. Spatial problems to be one cause of food security programs have not explained this.
Of the 4.5 million hectares of land Merauke, about 2.5 million hectares of which have the potential for agribusiness development. However, based on the unified harmony between the Government of Merauke, Papua Province, and National Spatial Planning Coordinating Board (BKPRN), which can be used for agricultural kawasdan 1.28 million hectares, either an area for other use and forest conversion. Of the 1.28 million hectares, about 0.68 million hectares for food crops.
Food crops that grow well in this area, including rice, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and wheat. So far, the vast rice lands that have been networked irrigation of about 26 thousand hectares and this year added 11 thousand hectares.

Turning PotentialDespite efforts to use forests to meet their food needs are still much hampered, but it does not mean that forest areas are not able to contribute to food security.
At least, the development of industrial timber estates (HTI) could contribute to greater food security for people considering the company's HTI license holder must provide 5 percent of its concession area to plant the tree of life.
With the assumption of realization of the development of timber about 4.5 million hectares, there are 225,000 hectares of plantation area that has potential as a source of food.
While in Java, this year's target Perhutanioffice capable of producing 850,000 tons of foodstuffs foodstuffs through joint forest management community (CBFM). Starting this year, said Acting CEO Perhutanioffice, Hariyono Kusumo, said the state-owned forestry environment is trying to get into food processing indsutri membangan alternative with cassava flour mill, maize flour and sorghum flour.
"The food supply is expected to absorb 701,000 workers," he said.
Considering the vast potential of Perhutani in providing food supplies, it is not surprising that the Minister of Forestry requested Perhutanioffice able to become party leader in securing the national food supply.
"Perhutani so interested parties to help 30 million poor people around the forest. There are 5300 villages with 5.4 million families were an asset that must be managed and maintained to achieve the success of food," said the minister.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Perhutani, Muslimin Nasution, said it had successfully escorted Perhutani availability of food for the poor. "Should there was no problem for Perhutani realize it. In Java tool, available infrastructure, soil fertility, land there, and market access are also open, so that Perhutani should be able to eradicate poverty," he said.
He also requested support for State Enterprises to maximize synergism SOEs to achieve food security. According to him, which also Bulog under Kemeng SOEs have shed 4500 and 4500 to support the provision of food stalls. "We need not stay long to solve this problem. If everything is ready, including funding, our roads."

The Muslim statement on the importance of synergy SOEs to achieve food security could be glass for all parties, particularly agencies that are directly related to the provision of food needs.
The problem is, any amount of food potential of the forest, it was not going to be put to good use if there is no willingness to diversify food and move beyond the Java community to use the land in the vast forest that stretched for human food.
Moreover, the potential forest area does not only arise from seasonal crops that can be an alternative foodstuffs of rice, but also through the provision of dagin from deer and cattle, buffalo, and goats are farmed and shepherd in the forest through the system? Silvopastur?.
Community-based forest management to create food security that involves all stakeholders can be started from the region that is destined for the people around and inside the forest through the village forest, community forest, plantation forest people.
In fact, the planting program to rehabilitate critical areas can also be used to spur people to meet their food needs because of the breadfruit tree can be one of a kind developed. Potential does not include the area of ​​plantation forests (HTI), which reached 4.5 million hectares, although they had to involve and gain the full support of the company permission HTI concession holders.
Therefore, provision of agricultural land to support food security programs initiated through an integrated energy and agricultural areas in Merauke (MIFEE) was also not something that is too difficult to implement.
If only the president as the supreme mandate holders today issued a Presidential Directive to the problem of provision of land for agricultural purposes after hearing input from the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Forestry, and National Land Agency, then no party will be able to sue his decision because it involves the interests of public policy The most fundamental, namely food.
Moreover, integrated area development was based on area management by the people and not implemented by pointing to the handful of companies, both private and state owned enterprises. If anything should involve both the economic pillars, their role should not be more than as a developer (developer) for the subsequent management of the region submitted to the people.
With this system, the government and the company is providing the market and supporting facilities that allow the harvest of the people accommodated at reasonable prices and provide adequate benefits for the "elite subjects" that drudge work on rice fields, gardens, and tegalannya.
Love to the forest area can indeed ambiguous, but even this kind of love will still be acceptable throughout for the benefit of the people who make this country exists. (A027/K004)
Editor: B Kunto Wibisono

(Antara edisi : 17 Maret 2011)

Selling Enchantment Kenawa Panorama West Sumbawa Island

Silent. There was no birds singing, not sounding too big waves. As far as the eye could see, which presented only the expanse of grassland. Only the number of "brugak" seen in some corners of the island.
Kenawa island uninhabited. No residents live. Not many big trees growing on the island in the northern West Sumbawa, NTB, this, except mangroves.
Even so, it does not mean the island is devoid of community activity. Kenawa Island has a beautiful and fascinating panorama. Many domestic and foreign tourists visiting this place.
Wooden pier which protrude several feet into the sea on the island Kenawa, perhaps a silent witness to these events. Fishing boats almost every day back in the dock it. They ushered the tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island Kenawa.
Kenawa island located not far from the ferry port Poto Tano, Sumbawa West. This port connects this area with the Port of Heaven on the island of Lombok. To reach the island Kenawa, ordinary tourists ride a fishing boat with about 15 minutes travel time.
While the West Sumbawa regency itself is a new district in the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This district in the north bordering the Flores Sea, on the east by the regency of Sumbawa, in the south bordering the Indian Ocean and on the west by the Alas Strait.
West Sumbawa Regency is the result of expansion of Sumbawa Regency on 18 December 2003 based on Law Number 30 Year 2003 on the Establishment of West Sumbawa regency in West Nusa Tenggara Province. Newmont Mining companies also operate in the Batu Hijau in the district.
Data Governance Secretariat Bureau of NTB, said that NTB has 280 islands spread over 10 regions, including two large islands namely the island of Lombok and Sumbawa.
The details, in West Lombok regency there are 38 islands, 20 islands Central Lombok, East Lombok 35 islands, 15 West Sumbawa island, Sumbawa island 62, Dompu 23 islands and 84 islands Bima. These islands have the potential of each, including tourism potential such as Gili Trawangan adjacent to Senggigi Beach in West Lombok regency.

Underwater Nature
Kenawa Island area of ​​13.8 hectares is recognized by many parties have a stunning panorama. In this island can enjoy a beautiful sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset). In fact, if the weather is sunny elegance of Mount Rinjani in Lombok island, can be seen clearly.
Natural blend of hills, white sandy stretch of beach, grassland, and shades of sea water that runs, nature makes Kenawa Island is so beautiful and impressive.
Kenawa Island also has a natural beauty under the sea. Assorted coral reefs, various fish species, can be enjoyed at this place. Various mangrove plants grow well in the coastal area.
To be able to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and various kinds of beautiful fish, visitors usually have set up their own diving equipment such as snorkeling.
Only at a depth of 1-2 meters, the natural beauty of the underwater Kenawa Island can be enjoyed. Moreover, a lot of sunlight shining on the area was very helpful through the sea surface so that the view under the sea is evident.
The tourists visiting the island, usually spends his time for diving and camping on the sidelines of the prairie. However, for tourists who do not spend the night, after a dive and enjoy the natural beauty around Kenawa Island, a short break in "brugak" - a small building such huts - before returning to Poto Tano.
Data Department of Marine Fisheries and Livestock of West Sumbawa, say, along the waters of West Sumbawa there are dozens of small islands stretching from north to south.
The islands were among Kenawa Island Snake Island, Isle of Namo, Genang Island, Island Paserang, Songi Island, Bat Island, Pulau Belang, Long Island, Island Petagan, Melting Island, Island and Island Saringi Kaun.
The waters on the island there Kenawa unspoiled coral reefs. In these waters there are also dozens of fish species that usually grow in the surrounding reefs.
In order to maintain its sustainability, the Government of West Sumbawa Regency continues to conservation efforts and monitoring by setting up guard hut on the island of Kenawa.
Regent West Sumbawa, Zulkifli Muhadli, during his visit to the Island Kenawa along the ranks of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (NNT) some time ago has placed 100 reef-ball (artificial reefs), released 375 hatchlings (young turtles) and planting mangrove trees along the coast.
Placement in the waters of the reef-ball Kenawa Island in the coming year will be increased in number as needed to maintain the underwater ecosystems in the area.
The effort is in line with government programs to make West Sumbawa island as a tourist island marine and maritime research center.
Senior Environmental Manager PT NNT, Soeprapto Potro, who was accompanying the Regent of West Sumbawa Zulkifli Muhadli, explained, the coral reef ecosystem is essential for life both economically and environmentally.
From the economic side, coral reefs become breeding sites different types of fish and marine biota as a source of protein for humans. In terms of environment, coral reefs also serve as a protective coastal areas of coastal erosion due to waves.
The beauty of the island Kenawa it did not appear to be "sold" himself, but West Sumbawa government has also committed to develop other tourism potential to be a package tour.
Tourism potential in West Sumbawa which will be developed into tourist mainstay among other Lebo Lake, the tomb of Datu Prince, Beach Balat, Poto Stone, Beach Jelenga, Maluk Beach, Beach and Island Kenawa Sekongkang Yoyo.
In addition, indigenous heritage and cultural traditions will also be dug out to be a tourist attraction, like sekeco, melangko, balawas, karaci, barampok, buffalo and other karapan.
"In the future we will fix Kenawa Island by performing cross-sector communications for the potential it could be developed and can provide added value to the region," said Zulkifli Muhadli.
Therefore, he welcomed the efforts of PT NNT help the government of West Sumbawa Island Kenawa fix the environment.
Kenawa Island is a regional asset that must be maintained and is expected to become an alternative tourism in NTB. With its natural panorama of exotic, cool atmosphere, I'm pretty sure one day Kenawa Island will be a lot of tourist areas visited by tourists, "he said. (S021/KWR/K004)
Editor: B Kunto Wibisono

(Antara Edisi : 20 Maret 2011)

Imagining Repentant Thief

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Have your house and then conceded a thief you are ashamed because they feel do not have anything decent to take the thief? If not, then you do not like Mullah Nasruddin Hoja, a legendary figure of the famous Sufi funny.
One night, when Mullah Nasruddin was alone in his house, through the window he saw a suspicious man about to enter his home. Nasruddin know that his house was going to conceded that the uninvited guest. Let alone getting ready to face the thief, even Nasruddin quickly hid in a box.
The problem Nasruddin was embarrassed, then surely the uninvited guests were disappointed, not finding even one decent valuables stolen. When the thief was looking for something, did not find anything.
Then the thief approached the box Nasruddin hiding place. Once opened, direct Nasruddin head bobbed in such a way. Thief shocked, immediately fled.
Within certain limits I never experienced that.
***A few days ago, about exhausted maghrib, my house was conceded uninvited guests entering through the roof. The thief was picked up and went through the ceiling tiles. He was shrewd and very freely, because no one was home.
My house is lower than the two houses mengimpitnya. My house was from the start stand in housing in the 1980s, until now, is not never touched aka reengineered. He looks conventional than the surrounding houses are already more modern terraced.
Because the lower and easy chance that someone got into tiles, then I guess that's what makes daring thief entered. I'm guessing, not really, rich my discretion (except rich monkey hehe), but there are opportunities. As Francis Bacon said, "opportunity makes a thief".
Opportunities, yes, that is what is often said the criminologist. People who do not mean anything when they saw an opportunity to steal, then he might mencurilah. Especially if the person has expertise in harmony. Theodore Roosevelt was probably right when he said, "a Man Who has never gone to school May steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education, May he steals the whole railroad."
When my family and home, the closet was a mess. Yes, of course if you are looking for valuable objects, nothing is. My wife is not accustomed to wearing jewelry, or other accessories, even though the watch. So is me, my skin attached accessories just glasses. And that's functional. Not for the prestige.
Money also does not exist, except for fake money the kids, who thought the original money. There are some children's toys were taken, and they may not find anything significant to be taken, thieves immediately flee.
My house was full of books, and because maybe the thieves less intellect, there is absolutely no priority to take the books.
Fortunately (fortunately already stolen kok), the goods taken by the uninvited guests, it is not how its value. Not about the value that makes us surprised, but why until they conceded a thief arrival of human kind in my home nation.
BTW, from the experience of defense and home security system, I raise with a small anticipation aka patchy. Not to dismantle and elevate the house, because the cost to it of course would be unpalatable.
People are desperate to steal it, it appears it was needed the money. Maybe to meet the basic needs of life are increasingly heavy. Life is indeed requires them to fill his stomach. Like the novelist Pearl S. Buck said, "hunger makes a thief of any man".
But would he so, so like said Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens, "a person steals bread WHO During a famine is not treated as a thief." That is stealing bread when he was hungry, did not deserve to be treated as a thief?
***I remember so many conversations about the illegal logging (illegal logging) and the theft of illegal fishing (illegal fishing) in our country, which at least confirms that Indonesia is also like a house that was so easy-good thief thief entered from outside or from within .
In fact, there is often a scary-creepy story that both thieves from outside or from within it already work together neatly. Indonesia certainly rich countries. Our house was, in fact very rich. We have a vast ocean with various types of catch. Tropical forests are also tempt us to be exploited.
As my house, Indonesia seems people are still so easily mapped. In this era of technological sophistication of remote sensing via satellite today, even a swimming pool back in your house could be seen clearly from above.
Various types of potential tetambangan also been projected clearly, and all parties can access via the sophistication of the technology. Also a map of our forests, which still grow in abundance, which are already "professor" alias edges look heavy, balding middle.
Then, immediately appeared many ordinary people's questions: how the state can guarantee the sovereignty of the territory of our country in every inch of soil and water islands leading us? How does the state apparatus able to counteract illegal logging in forest area or fish in the sea? How to deal with transnational crimes?
Of course I have a lot of thesis and discussions about things like that. And we must recognize that there are still many limitations. Territory of our country belong superluas. Thieves can enter through an unguarded gap much.
We're ashamed the arrival of a thief, but not ashamed Nasruddin version above. If Nasruddin ashamed for not having anything that could be stolen, we are ashamed because we are so rich, but the ability to keep valuable objects that we are still very limited.
Some criticize or launched self-criticism is this: we are poor people in rich countries, we are vagabonds in their own homes, we are rich and know that the rich (potentially) but do not know how to get rich (obviously). We have not been able to make precious objects that we hold can be value added.
And because of poor mental objects of priceless art was sold by a museum guard (remember no case of sale of the statue of a museum in Surakarta by the head of the museum itself several years ago?).
Maybe "Eastern culture" makes us wait too polite in letting the thieves with thieves choose their own what dimaui. Then we take the thief to conduct their activities safely restrained. And so the thieves got something that a lot and satisfied, we participate with pride and satisfaction.
Also perhaps we unconsciously like memperlempang way of the corrupt. In fact, unconsciously as well as if to say, please you know sir, ma'am corruptor please corruption as much, if not forgotten me. Do not forget the theory of trickle-down effect of his practice! Do not forget alms!
Indeed misleading.
While corruption itself a reflection of the mentality of people who not only deceitful, but also the actions of people lose, people are quick to give up, people think short and superpragmatis. The mentality of corruption beyond conventional mental thief. White-collar criminals (white-collar crime), is more sophisticated than jambret the wayside.
The term white-collar criminals made famous by Edwin Sutherland (1939) as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation." The way they operate is not conventional, more interpersonal, and need a high level of expertise. Compare try with the term "chicken thief", or "thief sandals", which is more cool?
Chicken thief or thieves who flip it, being too physical, into the category of blue-collar criminals, referring to the following definition of "blue-collar crime tends to be more obvious and more active thus attracts police attention (eg for Such crimes as vandalism or shoplifting, Nowhere physical property is involved). "
***In a discussion with Dr. Ikhsan Modjo at Warung Daun, Cikini some time ago, as a resource person in politics I had replied a question from a participant, who happened background Warteg entrepreneurs.
He asked for feedback about the need for honesty. Many are not honest with treasures plundered the country, plundering the people's right. That is what led to Indonesia hampered his progress.
I say this more sophisticated thieves or criminals had always been there. Like the novel Sunaryo Basuki Ks, "Maling Republic", even in the days of the revolution there was a professional thief. Although, the thief of the novel and then repent and fight for the Republic.
From there at least three interesting things: (1) malingnya itself, (2) conversion process, and (3) relation to national interests. There is a process of transformation from the thief for his own stomach to fight for broader national interests.
I do not recommend that there are many Robin Hood or thug Lokajaya or the characters in the legend of the noble thief, because distributing the stolen goods to the poor. If you want to give something to the people who are poor should not to steal-no matter how the system create an opportunity to steal is very open.
If you want to love the people, mending of money results of our work, our sweat. Working in a true and fair. Not working degrading self-esteem or vice versa too confident to commit indecent and unnatural.
The interesting part is actually transformative stories: conversion of a former thief who later turned into a figure who likes to do serious benefits, create community interest and progress of the nation. Perhaps the proverbial figure-a figure like the former kiai thief, not thief the former scholars. Wallahua'lam. (***)
* M Alfan Alfian, Political Science Graduate Teaching at the National University, Jakarta.
Editor : Bambang 

(Antara Edisi : 20 Maret 2011)

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Paycheck Calculator and Loans

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Paycheck calculator and loans is available online, and claims can eliminate delays, saving money and helping businesses manage their payroll process. In addition, an online salary calculator provides advanced features for computing, including the printing of pay. There are a variety of calculators, all offering a unique range of functions. Calculator to calculate the net salary of an individual, which are mainly profit after tax was deducted. Clock Calculator calculates net pay based on wage rates as diverse as you entered. Yet another computer to ensure total salary versatile gross wages before taxes and deductions are held on the basis of a certain amount of net earnings. 

Disaster, Still Panasonic Component Supply Current

JAKARTA - The supply of components for PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, mentioned are still current. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week, the company's global network is claimed to have experienced delays in supply.

Vice President Director of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Sjarif Rinaldi said the disaster in Japan has not been an impact on business. He said, so far the supply component of the plant is still ongoing.

"While these do not yet know how big the impact, because the delivery of components is still ongoing," he said after konpres Panasonic Award yesterday (17 / 3). He asserted, there has been no official information from companies in Japan-related disaster.

Related to these disasters, ports in Japan were damaged thereby potentially inhibit the delivery of goods. But the international airport otherwise be able to serve the flights. "We expect supply to remain current in April," he explained.

According to him, as long as there has been no official notification delivery to believe it will pass. "We're still waiting," he said. Therefore, it is recognized, there is no any kind of preparation in anticipation that the supply of Japanese inhibited.

Moreover, Panasonic has factories in several countries, so that supplies can still flow. Because these plants are also supplied for the needs of the world. Described, among others in Malaysia, Thailand and China.

They produce a variety of components for electronic goods like televisions and cameras. Also in Indonesia, they also have a factory that also produces a variety of electronics. "Here we also have factories for the production of all except the television," he said.

Further to say, for the period April 2010 to March 2011, he was targeting growth of Panasonic's business in Indonesia could reach 30 percent. While the projected growth in the period April 2011 to March 2012. "Optimistic all categories can grow, such as televisions and cameras," he said. (Res)

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis Trigger exodus Foreign Residents

Foto : AP/The Yomiuri Shimbun, Kazuki Wakasugi

TOKYO - Anxiety world against the impact of radiation from the explosion of four units of nuclear reactors (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi getting doubled. Japan is considered in a nuclear emergency. Therefore, some developed countries instructing residents to immediate exodus from the Japanese. Some other countries also re block and test the food and drinks imported from Nippon.       Yesterday (17 / 3) the British government chartered a special plane to evacuate its citizens from Tokyo to Hong Kong to avoid the dangers of nuclear radiation. "British citizen who was in Tokyo and headed north of Tokyo asked to leave the area. The aircraft was provided free of charge," said British foreign officials was quoted as saying the Daily Telegraph.       The Swiss government also urged its citizens to leave the capital and the northeast region of Japan. Earlier, the governments of Australia, South Korea, and France asked its citizens to get out of the country which suffered material losses up to Rp 1,800 trillion in the tsunami and the earthquake was 8.9 on the Richter scale.      The United States also called on residents residing within a radius of 80 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant to leave the zone. Radius evacuation warnings from the United States is broader than the Japanese issued an evacuation call.      Earlier, Japan urged people residing within a radius of 20 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant to evacuate. Japan also asked residents within a radius of 32 km from Fukushima to not leave the house. In addition to the evacuation zone, the U.S. decided to directly monitor radiation levels in the City of Sakura's.      They even use the equipment and bringing the experts to stop the nuclear crisis. Ambassador (Ambassador) for Japan's U.S. says John Roos, 34 experts have arrived in the country by bringing land and air monitoring equipment.      The experts will join with seven experts from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, two technicians and experts from health hazards U.S. Department of Energy in Japan since the tsunami hit last week. "We mobilize all abilities because there is the ongoing crisis," Roos said as quoted by the AFP yesterday.      U.S. ambassador denies taking such a step was taken because of lack of confidence in the ability of Japan in preventing nuclear radiation. "The health and safety of U.S. citizens in Japan, our biggest concern," said Roos.      The U.S. military today also flew an unmanned aircraft to help investigate nuclear reactors are damaged. The aircraft was equipped with infrared sensors that can take pictures at Fukushima reactor. Last Wednesday (16 / 3) Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yukio Edano indeed confirm that the effect of radiation will not get to another zone that exceeds 30 kilometers away from nuclear reactors (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi. However, some nuclear experts believe the world is different.       Yesterday (17 / 3), the Associated Press reported that the nuclear crisis in Japan is at a serious level. To the point, the Special Representative of Japan to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, who visited the reactor into electrical energy generation is on Wednesday (16 / 3). "Currently, we are in a pretty precarious situation," he said as quoted by The Telegraph. Chief UN nuclear watchdog confirmed that the reactor No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has exploded. Meanwhile, units of the four reactors after a fire great. As a result, high levels of radioactive substances into the air flying, even up to hundreds of kilometers away. Radioactive material was also to Tokyo.        According to Kyodo news agency, pascaledakan hydrogen at number two reactor units, radiation levels around the site reached 965.5 mikrosievert per hour. Peak, the radiation reaching up to 8217 mikrosievert per hour. This figure is far above many times the normal limit of radiation that can be tolerated human body. That is why, Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan urged residents within a radius of more than 30 km from the site for stay at home and wear a mask. President Barack Obama yesterday again called Naoto Kan. He says ready to do anything necessary to help Japan in post-disaster recovery of the earthquake and tsunami. "In essence, the president asserted would help Japan out of this crisis," read an official statement the White House. Including, helping deploy soldiers who have special skills to handle the nuclear crisis and natural disaster recovery.        Nuclear emergency in Japan also expressed the Head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulation Commission Gregory Jaczko. "I think, the level of radiation is categorized as serious," he said. The same opinion expressed Energy Commissioner European Union (EU), Guenther Oettinger. According to him, the Japanese government was faced with two choices are just as bad. That is, disaster or catastrophe. However, Western experts were admitted coated with Japanese efforts to reduce the impact of radiation. "The Japanese nuclear experts continue to monitor developments in Fukushima. They also continue to explore the information about radiation," said Fred Mettler, a special committee of the UN envoy in charge of analyzing the impact of radiation on health.         According to him, efforts to curb Japanese nuclear experts have maximal public panic. "They monitor, evaluate, and monitor the weather closely around the reactor," said Mettler told USA Today. However, they can not ensure the level of radiation in several different places at once. Therefore, they are completely dependent on the direction and cause radiation itself.        Yes, until yesterday the Japanese continue to focus on cooling the fuel rods of nuclear reactors overheated in Fukushima. Japanese military helicopters have been deployed to pour water into the reactor which had exploded four times that. "Tokyo Police also used water cannon to prevent the recurrence of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986," according to news on Thursday (17 / 3). Meanwhile, radioactive particles of low concentration allegedly was headed to the east, to North America. It was mentioned by Lars-Erik De Geer, director of research at the Swedish Defense Research Institute, as quoted by Reuters news agency yesterday. De Geer submit it cites data from an international network of monitoring centers.         However, he stressed that the radiation level is not dangerous to humans. Simultaneously, the World Health Organization (WHO) released official guidelines related to the impact of Japan's nuclear radiation. In its release, the WHO confirmed that the man has never separated from the radiation, whether natural radiation and radiation effects of human activity. Every year each person exposed to about 3 milisievert (mSv). Sievert is the unit for the stated dose of radiation. As many as 80 percent of radiation exposure that comes from nature. A total of 19.6 percent came from other medical effects and about 0.4 percent of the remainder due to man-made radiation.        So, what causes humans exposed to radiation "According to WHO, there are two factors that make people exposed to radiation. First, the internal factors, that is inhaled or swallowed radioactive substances. Secondly, external factors, ie, there are radioactive substances that attach to clothing or skin. If an individual is exposed to radiation in a relatively long time, radioactive substances would be detrimental to health. "If the radiation levels above normal, the individual concerned will show the alias of acute radiation syndrome ARS. Symptoms, start a red rash on the skin, hair loss and incurred such as skin burns," said WHO in a statement.         But, added the UN agencies, such symptoms are usually only experienced by workers in the reactor or the rescue team is pretty long in the reactor is leaking. Therefore, the WHO urged the public not to panic. "Follow the instructions given your government and continue to follow developments," said WHO. Related to potassium iodide pills that supposedly could dampen the impact of radiation, the WHO provides other information. According to them, the pill will only be given if the impact of radiation has been considered dangerous. Therefore, the pill can not be taken arbitrarily. "Birth control pills increase levels of saturated thyroid gland in the body so that it can prevent the formation of radioactive iodine. Formation of radioactive iodine because of exposure to nuclear radiation is what can lead to cancer," said WHO.          Birth control pills, advanced organization led by Margaret Chan, right antidote to radiation, especially anticancer. But, it is only one factor that could dampen the adverse effects of radiation in the body. Meanwhile, some countries are now beginning to test various food products from Japan, following fears of radioactive contamination pascaledakan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor. The Food of Hong Kong, quoted by CNN, has conducted radiation tests on 34 samples of fresh vegetables, meat, and fish imported from Japan. "If we detect it, of course, we would ban the product is sold in Hong Kong," said Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health, York Chow. Besides Hong Kong, the Chinese government, Thailand, Singapore, and India make similar tests. Those countries are reported to have ordered the food and drug regulatory agencies to test the Japanese food at its port, the first gate of entry of imported food.         Americans and Chinese are also anxious. Though thousands of miles apart, they competed buy potassium iodide and iodine to protect themselves from the negative effects of nuclear radiation on the thyroid gland. The people who did not goto the potassium iodide is rumored to cry. "They were hit by worries that since the experts analyze Fukushima radiation could spread to Uncle Sam's country," wrote the Daily Mail yesterday.         Separately, the official number of dead and missing victims of the earthquake and tsunami that flattened the northeastern coast of Japan has exceeded 13,000 people. These data revealed the Japanese police yesterday. However, it is not a final figure. The reports indicated that the number of victims is still going to grow.         The death toll from the disaster which has confirmed it is 5178 people. Later, the victim lost 8606. So says the Japanese national police in the latest data. Meanwhile, injury to reach 2285 people. However, reports continued to arrive which indicates that the final amount will be much higher. Kyodo News reported, a mayor in the coastal city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture, yesterday said the number of victims lost in his place is expected to reach 10,000 people. Last Saturday, a day after the disaster, NHK reported, about 10,000 people dead and missing victims in Minamisanriku. (AFP/AP/Reuters/hep/c2/iro)

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Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Nuclear Power Reactor Japan Burned

Tokyo - Japan's nuclear crisis after the earthquake and tsunami apparently, apparently entered the phase out of control or out of control. It happened after a nuclear power plant workers Fukushima Daiichi, about 250 km northeast of Tokyo forced the evacuation (16 / 3) caused by increased levels of radiation.
Efforts to drop or spray water into the troubled third reactor fails or is not successful because of high radiation.
In about the same time, the fourth reactor at the Nuclear Power Plant on fire yesterday morning. Steam or white smoke appeared above the reactor unit is around 10:00 local time, before the fire broke out at dawn the reactor unit.
However, Japan's Nuclear Safety Agency (NISA) states that the fire can be extinguished 30 minutes later.
According to the spokesperson for Tokyo Electric Power Co.. (TEPCO), Nuclear power plant operators, the situation at the fourth reactor unit is not too good. Ironically, when water is sprayed into the fifth and sixth reactor units for cooling, there are strong indications that all (six) reactor at the Nuclear Power Fukushima Daiichi actually at risk of overheating.
The engineers have been struggling hard to overcome the crisis and nuclear emergency in Japan since the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck on Friday (11 / 3). Natural disaster has destroyed the reactor coolant system at Plant Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power.

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