Assalamualaikum wr wb ..

I created this new blog, actually is not no mo intention to make the blog. So who ya are so mbuat culprit that I make a blog mo, ya man always called her name Zulkarnain aka Nain Jaka Baring. His alias is for ya people sleep in the morning until noon then disconnected again, wake up again next night he ... he .. (like bats).

The story, if not one before or the early days of fasting she (Nain), go back two Singaparna, Tasikmalaya, gone not use any further ado I do not know if it turns out he went in there. Why do I say a second village? If his hometown is actually in Kilkenny, Kilkenny father as her mother was in fact both are the same sister, brother still in Palembang. Because the annual've student in Cipasung, so smitten he same Tasikmalaya (do not know what Tasikmalaya same as the girls there, he ... he ..).

As I recall he once told mo open mushroom planting effort but more promising there (Tasikmalaya) to weigh in Palembang (Nain lo these words, not mine), he said the market difficult.
So I thought maybe she went there tuh mo start the project, because he had not asked for money sending few in number. I can only pray just hope he's successful.

Eventually he returned again to Kilkenny, the return did not use too small talk (probably go - go through the underground ya man he ... he ....) tau-tau've come home (like a ghost .. weehh. dong).
I'm Seeing Online continues to say he wrote, "Anything else ya how to get mo money". "What's more, the forex? who yesterday wrote did not go up and ride instead ancur added," I said.
Nyegir dah him, "No, find the money pake blog", he said. "How to make it how?" I asked. He said, "No need to bother buying a ready-made wrote blogs, find that demand a lot."
"Really how much to buy a blog?" I asked. I do not want detailed nyebutin price when he bought the blog, which clearly there are millions of his. Keep me just laught.

Day after day passed, morning noon switch, switch noon afternoon accompanied by a little hunger and thirst month of fasting (weehh. .. like poetry), every time she came till Eid speaking mere blog blog blog again and again he ... he .. . I think a true blogger emang mo so ya man he ... he ..
Because blogs are often heard, by chance I'm online a fad I go to Google then I write the boxed search: How to Create a Blog. Found easy way to make a blog on, I follow the way he eventually became this blog.

Because the only fun I'm confused what ya mo filled blog, so ... what's on the computer I wrote that on now. Yes ... the stories trus Islamic multimedia program that could be considered old school.
If there are mo Allhamdulillah ngunjungin this blog, if not mo ya okay. What is clear for Sodara and sodari, fathers, mothers and sisters-just not all that intentionally or accidentally dropped on this blog, please be understandable if not interesting and thank you as much as possible.

Wassalamualaikum wr ... wb


Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Fledging My Birds

a home of his own

This nest was knocked out of my crepe myrtle tree during the storms this weekend. When I saw it, I lifted it carefully, fearing that it had turned out eggs or sweet baby birds, but it was completely empty. The babies were gone - already fledged. I hope they were okay.

That process of fledging is such a quick one for birds - it takes only a few short weeks to go from hatchling to fledgling. The process for humans is decidedly more complex.

My babies aren't babies any more, but it can be so difficult to remember that when they fall asleep on the couch after a hard day of play, or when they wake up in the morning with their hair all mussed from a good night's sleep. I think it is less obvious in their transitional times between sleeping and waking.

Why is it so hard to let them grow up? I spend all my time teaching them to fly and wishing they would just stay in the nest. No one ever tells you, when you first become a parent, that the entire time your children are growing up you are teaching them to leave you.

But that really is our only task. As much as we would like to shelter them in our nests until the day WE die, that is not our calling. We (and by that I mean "I") often miss that point by coddling and protecting and keeping them from doing things they are fully capable of doing.

Like laundry.

And then I spend a weekend watching them play tennis in a tournament. I watch them deal with frustration and anger and conflict resolution with the other player in an incredibly mature way. I watch them lose big and not fall apart. I watch them almost win, and then lose graciously in the face of their opponents celebration. I watch them shake hands across the net and walk off chatting amiably with the guy that just beat them. I listen to them plan how they are going to work on this thing or that with their coach the next week and I realize something.

I realize how amazing these little people are. I realize that they've reached a place where my parenting is little more than a gentle nudge in the right direction occasionally. I realize that they are steering their own ships with rudders much larger than me and that somehow they know how to do that. Somehow, miraculously, they understand how to do things that I've really never taught them.

Now - those of you with older children will laugh at me and tell me to get ready for the teen years, and I completely understand that my job is not finished. I know that. Teens are a whole different story and we'll deal with many NEW! and EXCITING! ISSUES!

I know that. I know that. I know that. We'll just call those years the flight lesson years.

Right now, my little chirpers are testing their wings - stretching them to see how big they are and how well they will hold them up when they do leave the nest. And I'm going to let them - even though it is hard to watch them grow away from me - even though they may fall and get hurt - even though it may break my heart.

I'll be there to help them up, dust them off a bit - help them reset their goals. And maybe feed them a worm or two.

Or a taco.

R Venkat's - Doctor Patient Relationship – “It’s like a tree, allow it to grow”

Recently we had Amitav Ghosh launching his book “The River of Smoke” here at Kolkata and there was a nice cover story about the event in the Graphiti section of “The Telegraph”. Among many things that the author spoke, one thing that he mentioned just struck me and that was when he said ,”Writing a book is like growing a tree, you need to give it that time to blossom” well Amitav is an avid gardener himself, so no one would know it better than him. But I was trying to draw a parallel with his comment in what’s happening in medical profession today…every other day we have news out in media talking about various instances of medical negligence and the innovative ways that current age medicos adopt to fleece their patients. There was one such news piece which spoke about the manner in which a 17 yr old young lad had expired out of pancreatic ailment, for which he was admitted in a reputed hospital, but the doctor attending him had gone on a vacation without assigning appropriate attention in his absence. The problem lies with the system, the so called corporate compulsions and the targets that are set by the management goons in most of these premier health care hubs. On every instance the doctor or the other allied health care professional is pushed and pulled to extreme level of volume game, as a result end of the day the doctor is left tapping his laptop or PC calculating the number of patients he had seen or the surgeries he had done, instead of really contemplating on the quality of care rendered.

Fortunately we still have a few rare doctors who not just treat their patients but also look at them with a humane approach. I know personally a few doctors who instead of taking consultation fees from their patients, even give them money for purchasing their medicines if they realize that they lack resources. Might be that’s one of the reasons our generation might atleast survive another Tsunami or an Earthquake.

Let this Tree Grow and Blossom without hindrance….but the reality is there are more reports coming in media about the mangoes getting injected with Calcium Carbide to ripen them much faster!!

Essh….ki awosta….

April is Sports Eye Safety Month

In addition to April being Autism Awareness Month, April is also Sports Eye Safety Month. It is estimated that 40,000 eye injuries take place annually are sports related. Being fit and active is great but steps need to be taken to protect your eyes and vision. Out of those 40,000 eye injuries over 90% of them could have been prevented with proper eyewear and protective gear.

Eye injuries are one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment in children. Common injuries range from abrasions of the cornea, bruises of the lids to internal eye injuries such as retinal detachments and internal bleeding. Unfortunately, some end up with permanent vision loss and blindness that could have been prevented.

It is a myth/common misunderstanding that only children who wear glasses require protective eyewear for sports. All children's eyes and vision should be protected. Children who require the use of prescription lenses will have different protective eyewear needs.

It is a myth that the only sports that require protective eyewear are sports such as hockey, football, baseball or basketball. Each sport has its own unique eyewear needs - yes, tennis, swimming, soccer, martial arts and cheerleading too.

Most sports leagues do not enforce or require mandatory eye protection. Parents, it is up to you to demand this of your local sports programs and to be proactive in protecting your child's vision regardless of requirement.

For children who wear glasses, the use of polycarbonate (shatter-proof) plastic lenses or contact lenses is recommended. Protective sports goggles (like Rec Specs) can be made with prescription lenses. I ordered Rec Specs for my daughter who plays ice hockey and it was a very simple process. In Ice Hockey they also wear a helmet with a full face shield.  children should get into the safe practice of wearing protective eyewear such as a helmet with a face shield or sports goggles. Children who wear prescription lenses can get prescription goggles such as Rec Specs, Jr. My daughter plays ice hockey and wears both a helmet with a full face wire cage and prescription Rec Specs JR that I ordered from A Sight for Sport Eyes and had them in about a week. They are made of polycarbonate material and have a safety strap to hold them onto her head. Rec Specs is just one brand of Sports Goggles which come in several different styles. If your child wears glasses and will be playing sports, be sure to ask your eye doctor about getting them fitted for a appropriate sports goggles for their preferred sport.

For more info on Sports Eye Safety month including: a full listing of suggested eye protection by sport, a sports eye safety press release, and sports eye safety proclamation visit the AOA website.

Online Shopping at Shopwiki

Shopping is the best way to ease you stress from work or from school because you get to enjoy the things that you want to buy. I don’t have time to shop and go the malls because of my busy schedules due to the loads of work. Online shopping allows us to shop at the convenience of our own home, and we can save traveling time in going to the malls. But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have time, you have no time to enjoy yourself because you can shop online in I really enjoyed shopping in because there are a lot of products to choose from. They have a lot of categories that you can select just by browsing in their homepage.

Since it’s already summer, it would be a great day of sports to socialize with friends. is the perfect place to shop the sports equipment that suits you with a very affordable price. With so many different choices, it shouldn't be too hard to find the team sports that suits your needs like Baseball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Cheer leading uniforms.

So start to shop now at to fully enjoy the big discounts and very affordable products.

Lovely Personalized Graduation Cards

The graduation anthem plays distinctly as the graduates babble amongst themselves in an excited manner eagerly awaiting the announcement for the graduates to come inside the stadium. The aura of people wearing togas is a combination of excitement and at the same time a feeling of liberation. Everywhere you turn, a mother is inspecting her daughter's graduation outfit. Fathers wait casually while holding a young toddler waiting for the moment when it really is graduation time.
The sad part is, you're not there.
But don't let that emotion hinder your desire to express your sublime pride. You have in your hands the ability to profess your joy and delight in knowing that a friend or a loved one will transition from one part of her life to another. You could help send that message, even from a continent away with the use of splendidly designed and personalized graduation cards.
It's More Than a Card, it's a Memory
Memories are the most potent distinction that sets humans apart from the animal kingdom. The strongest of emotions mark these memories as paint would a blank canvass. Considering this, you know that one part of the memory during the graduation would be missing, and that would be you.
Personalized and handmade graduation cards may well stand in lieu of your presence. But do send them with the utmost consideration. Sending a card that you purchased just from any store would merely disappoint. The goal of sending the card is to delight and to remind the person that though you may be far away, you still have them in your thoughts and in your memories.
Creating Your Own
If pictures are worth a thousand words then personalized graduation cards are worth millions. The act of using one's hands to create something of profound meaning introduces the element of importance and value in the act of giving. All you would need is a template or a blank canvass of sorts, then you could express that meaning with the use of your own words.
Let the artists craft that template to your liking and utilize the wonders of technology to make your thoughts become written. Everything is possible and you have full discretion as to the manner on how your words should be written. Whether it's at the front, on the left hand side or the right, it's up to you.
Personalized Memories Fast
The significance of time is further elucidated with the tools at your disposal. Like every missing piece of a puzzle, you only need to seek in order to find. Complacency may have constrained your ability to create a more meaningful item. That's precisely the gist of services that understands that you need to send not just any card but meaningful and personalized graduation cards. Fulfillment is a necessary accomplice to every desire and that's precisely what card making services can do.
==> Expressing your deepest joy need not be a time consuming affair or a tremendous undertaking. You can still articulate the exceptional feeling that you have through the use of specially handcrafted cards that can be tailor made according to your wishes. Browsing over the selections of, you'll most likely find the one that will be perfect for the occasion. Simply go to

A Self-Made Superhero - Iron Man

His full name is Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. He was born in Long Island, New York to Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark. His parents owned Stark industries until their premature death in a car accident which was caused by their rival company.
Even as a child Tony was very interested in building machines and that interest culminated in two masters degrees from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) by the age of 19. He was only 21 when he lost his parents to that fatal car accident. At that point he owned Stark Industries. But he wasn't very interested in running the company so he promoted his secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts to an executive assistant and left her to run most of the business. That was his way of giving himself enough time to do what he really liked. To live a life of a playboy without any obligation whatsoever. Later in his life that proved to be very inconvenient because he was betrayed by some of the women he was either dating or in love with.
Since his company Stark Industries frequently made weapons for the military Tony was obligated to attend some of the tests. At one such occasion he went to one of his international plant to field test some of the hardware his company made. His convoy was attacked by the terrorists and during the fight Tony gets wounded. And the wound was very serious because it was a mine shrapnel lodged very close to his heart.
Terrorists took Tony to their camp and he was put into a cell with very well known physicist Ho Yinsen and the two of them were asked to make weapons for the terrorists. Since Tony was very well aware that he cannot live long with this shrapnel so close to his heart he asked the Professor to help him create a kind of battle-suit with a magnetic field generator which could stop the shrapnel from getting to his heart. So, they used the materials they were given to make weapons and instead made the the first Armored suit. All that was left now was to charge the battery which powered the field generator. While it was charging the terrorist soldiers came by and Professor had to make a diversion and he gets shot and killed instantly. In the mean time Tony finished charging the battery and he used the suit for the first time. He destroyed the terrorist camp and got away.
Now at home and free he had to take care of his chest plate which was now permanently attached to him. The battery needed frequent recharging. That made him very depressed as he expected to die. That put an end to his engagement to his fiancee Joanna Nivena who had supported him through all those ordeals. Now alone and unhappy, he turned to improving his Iron Man suit and becomes the self made superhero he really is.
The story covered so far was also presented with minor changes in the first Iron Man film. The film was released in 2008. It was directed by Jon Favreau and the role of Tony Stark was played by Robert Downey Jr. who did a great job featuring this playboy industrial. Gweneth Paltrow plays his assistant Pepper Potts. The film received good reviews by the critics as well as the audience. The second sequel came out in 2010. and was also very well accepted. The third sequel is in working and is expected to be released in 2013.

Top Tips For Home Music Production

Recording at home can have a fairly large learning curve, especially when trying to sound more professional. Regardless what software you use, here are some tips to get better sound and put out a more impressive track.
Audio Quality
All music recording software has frequency options. Many people don't know how to use these, but it's very simple. For recording an audio musical track always set it to 44.1khz-this is standard on all CDs, and 48khz is for television. If you can't record in 24 bit, or deal with 24 bit samples, then get hardware that can. This will dramatically increase the fidelity of your final track.
Stereo Panning and Mixing
Don't be afraid to make an immersive track. Especially if you are using DJ sample packs to make music. Pan those different tracks and give your listener a feeling of being surrounded by the music, and not just having it blasted directly in front of them. Watch clipping, and don't just use expensive headphones to mix. Most people won't be using them to listen to your track.
Use frequency filters. Pay attention to your audio quality. If you are recording vocals, try and get rid of any microphone hiss, or ambient background noise. You can use a noise gate or a subtraction filter. Most software have these, and they can be added to FX chains for individual tracks. You can also buy actual hardware ones, they usually come in rack mount form.
If you are using DJ sample packs, or other types of sounds, make sure they are all in key! Use transposition tools to move it down or up steps until it's in key with the song. Many users start out by just mixing in random samples together and they end up with musical sounding dissonance and by doing this will open up more options for using your loops cohesively. It's also obvious, but you get what you pay for. To get more professional sounds you have to spend the money. There are a lot of great samples free online, but be prepared to do a lot of searching.
Hardware and Equipment
Amass as much equipment as you can. The more of your signal you fix in pre, the better sounding the final product will be. This includes everything from the mixing board you are using, to your mics. Avoid using PC mics, they usually have terrible frequency range and clip like crazy. You don't have to have professional equipment; Behringer makes great entry level products that can produce amazing results.
For more information on the topics mentioned in the article such as using DJ sample packs, please visit Dance Midi Samples where they provide tutorials.

Four Cute Cupid Fancy Dress Ideas

The cute little god of love, flying around with his bow and arrow, shooting anyone he thinks needs some romance - this is a great character to become at any fancy dress party. And cupid fancy dress is not just for boys, the best costumes are for ladies.
All you need is a cute little cupid costume, wings, plus of course the bow and arrow of love, and you can run around the party spreading love where ever you see fit. Looking great while you do! Here are some great little ideas for cupid costumes:
1. Pink Cupid
The loveliest and cutest cupid costume imaginable is the pink cupid. All that it needs is lots of pink. Pink high-heeled shoes, pink bodice and mini-skirt, with as many frills and thrills as possible. Pink wings - shaped like hearts if possible! And a little pink bow and arrow to work your magic.
2. Love Heart Cupid
The love heart cupid look is sexier, sassier and redder. Try for long red stockings with red high-heeled shoes to match them. And if you can't make everything red make sure there are plenty of red hearts all over everything. A blood-red bow and arrow will finish the look.
3. Cute Cupid Costume
Cute cupid is more innocent and fun, white is the best colour. The original cupid was all in white, so you can be too. The white wings and bow and arrow are the key defining elements of a good cupid costume, so don't forget them!
4. Guy's Cupid Costumes
Of course Cupid was a boy, so a funny costume for a guy to wear is a cupid one, with wings, and a little baby-style toga to match.
You want to dress up in the funniest or sexiest costume this Halloween, as every year the competition is high, and getting higher year by year. Everyone loves the opportunity to get into some fancy dress, and in the UK, as in the US - it's becoming a craze.
If you are truly dedicated you can make your own costume, and you might get the best one that way, it's also so much fun making costumes with your kids. Otherwise you can just buy one online or at your local fancy dress costume store, both of which will give you plenty of cupid fancy dress to choose from.
Half the cupid costume is in the clothes, the other half is in the act - don't forget to run, or even fly, around the party spreading love wherever you go!

Four Evil Devil Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Become the evil villain of the party this Halloween, the lord of the underworld, and the king of hell. There are few costumes that offer you as much fun as a devil fancy dress costume. You can be all powerful and have every excuse to let your dark side out a bit at your next fancy dress party.
You can't go far wrong with a good devil costume - and they come in such variety. Easy to make yourself, or to buy you have a million choices of devil-style from any costume store. Here are some great ideas to get you going:
1. Devil King Fancy Dress
Just go for it and get or make the most dramatic devil costume possible - this means the full shebang. You want sweeping cloak - preferably bat wing shaped. With red or black-lined insides. Big enough to wrap yourself in and stand in dark corners menacing people before leaping out with a sinister 'Muahahaha!'
Black trousers are fine, with black shoes. And a blood red waistcoat is always a good idea. Around your neck some sort of high collar and the strap for your cloak. And of course a must is a very, very high collar! Now the defining element of any good devil costume is the devil horns, so make sure they are as big as possible! Plus a pale and pasty complexion, if you're not naturally like this a little makeup will do the trick.
And of course some fang s can be good too - but you don't want people to mistake you for a vampire. A big scary devil's fork will clear up that possible mistake.
2. Sinister Devil
You might want to play it down a bit but be much scarier. Darker face paint is the key, with dark brooding eyes and longer horns - twisted if possible. A frilly neck and chest piece, like an evil pre-revolution French aristocrat would make a great touch.
3. Devil Queen
There's no reason why only guys can enjoy being the devil! Lady devils can be just as powerful and sinister, with a touch of sexy thrown into the mix.
The greatest devil queen costumes use a full sweeping gown, a great big dress. Blood red, with black frills. You want the material of the arms to flare out dramatically, and of curse a high devil's collar framing a powerful and scary face. The more dramatic the make up the better, don't hold back on the rouge. And the horns must be long and scary.
4. Devil's Temptress
The other choice for ladies is to become the very devil's temptress. Sent by the lord of Hades himself to tempt the good, and drag them down to hell. This costume style offers unlimited option s for sexiness, just make sure it is as red and black as possible. With horns and black lace - and you can't go far wrong.
Check out some really cool devil fancy dress costume pictures and ideas here: Devil Fancy Dress. If you're also looking for something a bit more fun, check out these dinosaur costume pictures and ideas: Dinosaur Fancy Dress

The Spirit of True Doll Making, "Little People of the Secret Power"

Creating a Menehune doll transfers me into a miniature life of my own. I start with a clear image of the doll I want to create: its gender, the clothes, accessories, and sometimes even its name and part of its story. The flow of possibilities and creative ideas is endless. Sewing the body, stuffing it, embroidering the face, every step of the way, the Menehune grows and takes on a life of its own. It is almost as if the doll is dictating who he or she wants to become. My previous plans of the design don't seem to apply at all anymore. But I follow these inspirations because now I have entered the place of true doll making, where a deeper part of me takes over communicating with the developing spirit of the doll. I have reached my inner place of stillness, inspiration, and guidance where I find and lose myself at the same time. It enhances my ability to communicate ideas and feelings in ways where words fail. At this point I know that my new Menehune has a soul and a personality. The spirit of true doll making is enlightening.
The intricate art of crafting 3.5" miniature cloth dolls is something I would have never thought I had the patience to do. But it has become my most cherished and gratifying creation. It is a thrilling experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive.
Through my Menehunes I always try to capture the ancient, magical spirit of Hawaii where I have lived for the past 30 years. Hawaiians are deeply in touch with their creative and intuitive nature. They live in harmony with creation. Hawaiian tradition emphasizes mana or spiritual energy which is expressed in philosophies, symbolism, and culture. In Hawaiian mythology Menehunes often are referred to as "the little people of the secret power". The Menehune dolls' mana connects to Hawaii's spiritual wisdom which is conveyed through their personalities and inspirational messages. I commit a lot of creativity, detailing, inspiration, and love to each individual doll. Every tiny configuration is treated with extreme care. Each stitch has to be in exactly the right position. The pattern and design of the clothing and accessories must be in harmony with the doll, enhance its personality and connect it with the wisdom found in Hawaiian symbols and stories. The work is never finished until the Menehune shows its spirit. Only then will I name it and write a story to reflect its personality which conveys messages of guidance, protection, and inspiration following concepts of Hawaiian spirituality and culture.
The creation of Nai'a, the little Menehune sailor boy, became an expression of love. Looking at him humbly offering his gift of precious seashells, I feel like he is nurturing my spirit and taking care of me which in turn makes me want to take care of him. Nai'a radiates the Hawaiian Aloha (love) spirit. Here is part of Nai'a's story:
Nai'a is named after his Aumakua (ancestral spirit) the Hawaiian Dolphin. Dolphins are often called the "Angels of the Sea". Nai'a also is an angelic little Menehune Keiki Kane (boy). His Mana (spiritual energy) is Aloha (love) and compassion. Nai'a is the most generous little Menehune. Sharing his treasures with his Menehune Ohana (family) brings him the greatest joy. Nai'a's treasures are the precious sea shells he scoops up with his fishing net when he sails his canoe through the beautiful bays of Punaluu Black Sands Beach.
Nothing makes Nai'a happier than passing out the most treasurable shell gifts to his Menehune Ohana and seeing their joy and appreciation which in turn is the greatest gift to him.
Nai's knows that the more he gives, the more he will receive. Nai's teaches us to see with the heart and act with compassion.
Nai'a's Tutu (grandmother) made the Ti Leaf Lei he wears around his neck and tied 4 more Ti leaves to the sail of his canoe. It was Tutu's sacred gift of Aloha (Love) to her grandson. According to ancient Hawaiian beliefs, Ti Leaves provide protection from all harm. Surrounded by Ti leaves, Nai'a feels save and secure.
Nai'a and his Kuku (grandfather) made his canoe together. Walking through the forest they started following the native forest bird who selected the tree they would use to build the canoe. After Nai'a and his Kuku finished carving the Wa'akaukahi, they built the sail which has a design of 2 dolphins holding "fins". The dolphins on his sail give Nai'a the greatest comfort. They remind him that, if he should ever get lost at sea, he can call on his Aumakua, the dolphin, who always, without fail, comes to guide Nai'a safely back to shore.